A Christian Life Coach must have education and training in applying Biblical Principles to the Real Life Issues.

We require at least 24 hours of training for the Basic Christian Life Coaching Certification.

We encourage each of our Christian Life Coaches to become a part of our Christian Life Coach Network and stay connected to other Christian Life Coaches around the country in a partnering relationship.

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If you're facing overwhelming circumstances, there is hope!

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Never Give UpThe Incredible Payoff of Perseverance

Dr. Don Hawkins 

We’ve all experienced it at one time or another.  Faced with circumstances that seem utterly impossible, we’re ready to throw our hands up in despair. 

If you have felt like giving up lately, this book is for you. 

Instead of reciting shallow platitudes and promises that leave you empty, Don Hawkins takes a realistic approach to living confidently in the face of life’s greatest difficulties.  A Pastor for almost two decades, he offers a Biblical foundation of hope and encouragement. 

As you read, you will:

  • Discover the resources God has given to help you ‘keep on keeping on.’
  • Learn how others who have been on the brink of despair – and beyond were able to persevere. 
  • Understand how to apply principles that will help develop hope and persistence in your life. 

Let Don Hawkins show you how to “never, never, never give up.”

The Life Essentials Study Bible

Learn to Apply God’s Word in Your Life
by Dr. Gene Getz

Most Study Bibles are designed to help us understand various verses and paragraphs within the biblical text. And most do that—in a magnificent way. They are excellent research tools, most often using footnotes and sidebars to explain particular texts. In fact, I used a number of these Study Bibles in preparing this “Principles to Live By” Study Bible.
However, Dr. Getz’s goal is quite different.  The Life Essentials Study Bible gives  every reader, not only a conceptual understanding of all chapters of the total biblical story, but enables everyone to apply enduring biblical truths in a multitude of life situations.