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All times are Central THE WORSHIP CHANNEL As of Nov. 1, 2020
12a-545a Encouraging music12a-6p Encouraging music12a-7a Encouraging music 
5 & 530a  USA News   
540a  Bible Principles540a Bible Principles 
545a Grace in Focus  
6a Truth For Life6a-930a USA News  
630-930a Encouraging music   
630a-9a USA news  7a Back to the Bible Encore
640a  UpWords640a UpWords730a Turning Point Wknd
740a  LightenUp740a LightenUp8a Call to Worship
840a My Money Life840a My Money Life855a Joni and Friends
 9a-2p Encouraging music 
930a Turning Point940a A Word With You 
955a A Word With You  
10a Living on the Edge  
1025a Joni and Friends  
1030a The Winning Walk  
1055a Free Indeed  
11a-2p Encouraging music   
2p In Touch  
225p Free Indeed 2p In Touch Weekend
230p Truth For Life 230p Not By Works
255p Bible Principles 255p Bible Principles
3p-640p Encouraging music  3p Living on the Edge Wknd
3p-7p USA news 330p Truth For Life Wknd
340p UpWords 4p Heartsong w/Mark Mohr
440p Lighten Up  
540p My Money Life 5p-9p Encouraging music
640p A Word With You6p In Touch Weekend 
 625p Free Indeed 
645p Grace in Focus 630p Not By Works 
7p Living on the Edge7p Joni and Friends 
725p Free Indeed 705p Encouragement Live 
730p In TouchCall 855-586-LIFE  
755p Joni and Friends   
8p-11p Encouraging music 8p Living on the Edge Wknd 
 825p My Money Life 
 830p Truth For Life Weekend 
 9p Back to the Bible Encore
9:05 – Moving Forward –
Tiny Habits for Successful Soul Care
9p Encouragement Live
 930p Turning Point Weekend(Replay of Saturday show)
 10p Life Perspectives Wknd10p Life Perspectives Wknd
 1023p Moving Forward – Tiny Habits
for Successful Soul Care
1023p Moving Forward – Tiny
Habits for Successful Soul Care
1040p Making Life Count1035p Life Perspectives pt.21035p Life Perspectives pt.2
11p Nightsounds11p Nightsounds11p Nightsounds
1130p-12 Encouraging music 1130p Unshackled 1130p Unshackled